Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Nurture Circle Blocks

I spent several weeks trying to figure out which pattern I wanted to try for my assigned month in the do.good stitches circle of which I'm a part. I spent so much time deciding, I realized that September was over and it's my turn to provide a tutorial/pattern! So I decided to go with a pattern I've been wanting to try and that I can't wait to see in a full quilt.

Our block for this month comes from Moda's recent blog tour. We're using the smallest size, which is still 12 inches finished! Here's the basic pattern (we're using the last page, which is the one using all 2.5" squares). I'm asking for blocks in two of the following colors: red, pink, lime green, aqua, or navy. I'd like a white background (I use Kona white or Moda Bella Solid 097), but your blocks can be scrappy, as long as they read one of the asked colors.

my finished blocks

The pattern asks for 18 2.5" squares and 12 2" squares. To get the two-tone pattern above, you need 12 2.5" of the outer color (red in my block) and 6 2.5" of the inner color (aqua). You'll also need 12 2" squares of the outer color. 

Make 12 HST from the inner color (aqua) and 24 HST of the outer color (red). Press them open and square up to 2". 

Once you have everything squared up, chain piece your squares together. Also, I use a "webbing" technique to make sure I don't misplace any blocks. I keep the rows connected while I make the block. Like this (the rows are still connected to each other, you just can't see the white thread). 

The most helpful tip to this block with lots of points and intersections is to press your seams open! 

I hope these tips help. I can't wait to see your finished blocks. 

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