Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lexie's Log Cabin Variation

I'm very proud of this quilt. It's a queen size quilt (which was oh so fun to quilt on my little Bernina) made for my sister, Lexie. I think I've made a quilt for every member of my family. I'll hopefully get them all posted someday!

This is called a log cabin because you start in the middle with a single square and add rows to it. The killer part of this quilt is pressing each "layer". I think I pressed each square about ten times because you add two sides and press, then add the other two sides and press. It's sometimes tedious but the result is great fun. The quilting was a simple X through each square. Someday, I will get fancier with my quilting. I was actually very surprised that Lexie picked pink and green--she's not the "pink" type of girl usually.
Just for future reference, I'm getting better at documenting the process and the next quilt that I display, I will give instructions on how to cut and piece the top, as well as layer and quilt it.

Sienna's Miracle Quilt

This quilt was made for Ashlee, my cousin, and her baby, Sienna, in June 2008. It's called a miracle quilt because each square is 1 1/2 in. finished. It was actually pretty easy to piece. It's just a series of "four patches", which is just four squares sewn together and then four of those four patches sewn together, and so on. It's a easy way to make sure your corners match up, instead of trying to match up really long strips. My other favorite thing about this quilt is that I got to use some scraps of my favorite fabrics.
The quilting is called shadowing or echoing, I think. I just sewed 1/4 in. (a quilter's favorite measurement) from the edge of each corner. I've decided that I love to make baby quilts. It's also becoming very apparent that I like piecing squares.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Everyday Dishes

Here's a paper-pieced quilt (code for "takes twice as long to piece") called "Everyday Dishes". I started it last year and finished it last month, with a long pause in the middle. It's supposed to have a huge appliqued border but I couldn't bring myself to draw this one out any longer. I love this one just because I got to use up lots of scraps and I love all the bright colors.

JUNE Cross Plus Charity Spotlight & Block Construction

UPDATE: This month we raised $557 for RAICES Texas. Our quilt winner is Linda Costello!! It's June. Yes, I skipped May. It was a non-s...