Monday, March 31, 2008

Everyday Dishes

Here's a paper-pieced quilt (code for "takes twice as long to piece") called "Everyday Dishes". I started it last year and finished it last month, with a long pause in the middle. It's supposed to have a huge appliqued border but I couldn't bring myself to draw this one out any longer. I love this one just because I got to use up lots of scraps and I love all the bright colors.


  1. So pretty! Of all the quilts my aunt does, she hasn't paper pieced yet. It came out so great!! She is doing another neighborhood quilt party, so I will be making another one this summer...and should be putting the one from this winter together soon...I figure I should learn how to do this stuff here with people around who know what they are doing and maybe take some cheap classes and then when we have money, I can support it :)

  2. I love this! Where did you find the pattern? I may ask for scraps from some of the quilters in my ward. We just started a Needles & Threads group.

  3. wow your quilt looks amazing, love that it is a scrap buster. Can you please tell me were I could get a copy of the pattern - ohh could you share any hints or tips. Thank you for the eye candy


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