Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adam and Megan's quilt

I didn't take a picture of this one before I sent it off. Our good friends, Adam and Megan, just bought their first house in San Antonio. They were able to do so because Adam was on "Deal or No Deal". We are so happy for them and this quilt hopefully matches their decor.

It's a "fat" version of a log cabin. Each square has a 4" center square and a 4"border. I just did my usual X through each square because I didn't want the quilting to detract from the cool fabrics (Plus let's be honest, I'm still not up to the level where I can make amazing patterns with my free-quilting). I was a little skeptical about doing an orange and black quilt. I was worried it would look like Halloween. But as you can see it looks cool with Megan's uniquely awesome decorating skills.


  1. I am in complete ah at all of your beautiful quilts. I love the bright one that you said took way to long.

  2. We love it! It matches perfectly and is normally the one thing people comment on whenever we show them the house. We just can't wait for y'all to come see it and spend som QT with San Antonio. We have two spare rooms waiting for y'all.

  3. I just looked at all of your quilts that you have posted. You are amazing! I once had a friend try to teach me how to quilt, but I just don't think I have the patience. I am, however, completely impressed with anyone that does it, and does it well. You would be one of those people!


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