Monday, February 8, 2016

Color Square Swap...Spring Edition!

Are you ready for another round of color square swap? This round we're tackling three colors-orange, pink, and yellow! If you missed the sign up on my Instagram, you can sign up here.

 I'm posting some examples of basic blender fabrics below, but essentially just do the squint test. If you squint when you look at the fabric and it reads a specific color, that's a blender fabric. I'm also posting how I cut my 3 yards of fabric to get 40 10" squares. If you need the rules again, they're listed at the bottom below all the instructions. I can't wait to see what fabric you pick!


Oranges: (#orangesquareswap
anything ranging from peach to dark orange is fine. Just make sure it reads orange and not pink or red. 

Pink: (#pinksquareswap)
anything from pale pink to raspberry works as a basic. Just make sure it doesn't read red or purple

Yellow: (#yellowsquareswap)
you can use any shade of yellow from light yellow to mustard. Avoid colors that are too close to lime (like citron) or too close to brown or tan. 


When I cut my fabric, I double it up on my cutting mat and line it up with the bottom line, with the fold on the line and the selvage at the top. I cut five 10"xWOF (width of fabric) strips. From each fabric strip. From each strip, I can get 8 10" squares. Make sure you cut off the selvages before cutting your 10" squares. 

Squares that are cut too small or not square will be returned. Please cut carefully!

1. You must have a PUBLIC Instagram account for the duration of the swap to participate.

2. Choose a basic blender fabric in 100% quilting quality cotton. It may have minimal amounts of other colors, but it should read solid.  

 3. Post your fabric choice to the applicable hashtag (#orangesquareswap, #pinksquareswap, or #yellowsquareswap2).I will comment on your post. DO NOT PURCHASE FABRIC UNTIL I HAVE APPROVED YOUR FABRIC CHOICE.

 4. Purchase 3 yards and cut fabric into 40 10" squares.

 5. Ship fabric to Briawna Hugh no later than March 15th. Fabric received after March 18th will not be sorted and will be returned to sender.

 6. Pay for return shipping. **Updated shipping costs: Return shipping is $10 per person (I'm factoring in time to organize and sort fabric, shipping labels, and postage into this shipping fee). I will not be combining shipping for participants this round, because I can only fit 3 layer cakes in a Flat Rate Envelope. Shipping costs must be paid by FEBRUARY 28th in order to participate. Send your shipping fee via "friends and family" to

You will receive your layer cake(s) back by March 30th. Once the swap is full, I'll send out a welcome email with my shipping address.  



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