Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sewtopia Virtual Fabric Challenge

A few months ago, I signed up for a virtual fabric challenge sponsored by Sewtopia and Hoffman Fabrics. It featured 6 zebra me + you indah batiks. 
 Photo from

I've never worked with batiks, but these prints were so gorgeous and soft. I knew I wanted to make something I'd use and that would show off these stunning fabrics. Enter the Anna Graham (@noodlehead531) gingham tote. 

Last November, I attended sewtopia in Portland and brought home some me+ you mini charms in my bag of swag. I pulled those out and an idea was born!

 Photo cred: Kelly Bowser (@kelbysews)

I decided to make Quilt As You Go panels for my bag, using 4 of the fat quarters and my mini charms. The other two fat quarters were going to be the handles and the inside lining. 

Zippers! Why are zippers so hard to choose?

But once the panels were put together, the rest was easy. 
Inside the bag. I adapted the inside ones because I didn't have enough fabric for large pockets, so I just added a small cell phone pocket. The beauty of this bag is that there are three pockets in front and lots of space for everything inside the bag. 

I loved challenging myself with this project and stepping way outside my comfort zone with fabric, patterns, making a bag (!), and experimenting with quilt as you go and adapting a pattern to fit what I've got on hand. 

And I think I found my new summer purse! 


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