Friday, July 22, 2016

Fabric Friday!

Because sharing my love of fabric makes me feel a little better about hoarding it, I'm starting this series of Friday Fabric Fix with you lovelies. Whether you just like color or love working with fabric, I hope you love these fabric lines as much as I do. 

Also, I'm trying to be more conscientious with my fabric purchases and that means I won't be sharing every Friday. But I'm sharing fabric I think is versatile and covers a wide range of uses-from pouches to quilts to appliqué to garment sewing. Let me know if you have any lines that I HAVE to check out. 

This week's fabric Friday is Janine Vangool's first line for Windham fabrics. Like her magazine, the line is called Uppercase. And I LOVE it! 

I mean, look at this line. I'm a sucker for basic blender fabrics and this line fits the bill perfectly. It's got a great range of color and small prints for those tiny projects. 

My nine year old pulled out these butterfly florals and immediately asked if I could buy more to make her a dress. She gets me. She really gets me. 

These darker Perforated prints just make the perfect dramatic dot for applique. When I started pulling fabric for my Smitten EPP quilt, these were some of the first fabrics I pulled. They're dark and moody, but a lovely contrast for some of the lighter fabrics.  

The Dotty prints just make me happy because...well, dots!

I love these Tweed prints as a great directional print because they're not stripes. I like stripes and they play well with others, but I really like how these are directional without being overbearing. 

The Waffle prints are just happy, light fabrics that play very well with others. They would be beautifully matched with pretty much any themed fabric.

The Knitted fabrics make me think of bubbles, which is perfect for pretty much any project! Right? 

When my six year old saw these Ice Florals, she immediately asked for dresses in "every color". They're bright and fun without being overly dramatic. Like me. Ha!

Confession time: I initially bought this bundle because, though I loved all the blender fabrics and potential for all of the fabrics, I NEEDED these All Caps prints. Yes, I'm a total nerd (aka, junior high English teacher and general bibliophile) and all things text are my love language. That's absolutely one of the categories, isn't it? I can these making their way into lots of projects in the near future. 

That's it for the the first Friday Fabric Fix. If there are lines I have to check out in the near future, let me know! What would you make with this line? 





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