Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fabric Fix: Strawberry Moon by Sandi Henderson

For today's Friday Fabric Fix, I'm sharing one of the lines I've been most excited about since I heard about it earlier this year. Sandi Henderson's newest collection brought back some of my most favorite fabric ever-Henna Garden! I started quilting in earnest about 11 years ago. But I didn't realize that quality quilting cotton lines only have a limited life span. I bought some of the original Henna garden as part of a Meadowsweet scrap bag from a LQS and I was hooked. I went back for more and Henna Garden was one of those lines that I bought at least 1/2 yard of each color-a first for me on a student budget. It was like that favorite sweater you live in. When you find the perfect fit, you buy it in every color. That was Henna Garden. 

Sadly, I didn't realize how valuable that fabric was and how much I loved it. I made a skirt for my then 2 year old, a quilt (which I sold on Etsy!!), and a plastic bag holder. And I've used every little piece of it since then in scrap projects here and there (see this post for a peek at some old Henna garden mixed into a new project). But by last year, my stash of henna was dwindling. To say I was excited for more henna was an understatement!

This Strawberry Moon line is stunning. I'm planning on using some of the other prints to make some dresses for my girls. My girls both love flowers, but they also like to mix prints, so I'll be mixing up some of the bigger florals with that beautiful crown print. But the rest is all mine!

Isn't this Petit Henna Garden so perfect? The colors are vibrant and rich without being overbearing. 

I did a quick comparison immediately after opening up my bundle. Only a couple differences that I noticed: Original HG prints have more tone on tone options and are obviously bigger. But one thing I absolutely love about the new Petit HG is that detail within the Henna design. See all those sweet dots inside the petals and chains? I think they're just perfect. And because the overall repeat is smaller, it will be easier to use in smaller piecing!

I originally ordered a 1/2 yard bundle of this line, but I'm definitely getting more! And maybe if we ask nicely, Sandi will add more colors with her next line (and by more colors, I mean an Aqua!!). 

Happy Friday!



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